BALLAS PIT – New maintenance entrance

dsc_0629 dsc_0631A small work party consisting of Larry Howard, his son Olly, Ted Bryan and Austin Battell completed the drainage and maintenance entrance to the Old Ballast Pit last week. Two solid days of graft and plenty of coffee got the job done. The new 18” diameter pipe was placed in the existing ditch just inside the gate, it was then backfilled and tracked in and the old bridge that was being used was removed. We also installed a new 3.3m wide field gate for access for maintenance machinery, fish delivery and, if needed, emergency services access. This has really smartened up the entrance to the Pit and should make access with barrows and trollies a lot easier. This area will be seeded where needed and some type one will be tracked in at a later date so that the ground will stay firm. We have also installed the new red marker post which designates the start of the long stay fishing swims towards the bottom end of the lake. We also added some extra barbed wire at the bottom end boundary of the New Lagoon area which should help to stop people entering through that fence line.


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