15lb 6oz - Jigging - Weirwood
15lb 6oz  Pike – Jigging – Weirwood 31/12/16
2lb 9oz Perch - Jigging - Weirwood
2lb 9oz  Perch – Jigging – Weirwood 31/12/16

The Society is pleased to announce that our fishing rights on Weirwood Resevoir  will continue on a rolling yearly agreement from each December. The fishing on Weirwood was very good over the festive break and it was nice to be informed by Brendan the Manager that a lot of our members used the fishery and caught some nice fish. There were a number of Pike to upper double figures caught from the boats and the South Bank along the wall. Perch are showing also with fish to well over 2lb and one specimen of 48cm was caught by one of the regular visitors. I had one visit on New Year’s Eve with Jason Craven out on a boat and although it was tough drifting with very little breeze and thick fog, I did manage to catch a couple of nice specimen fish, a Pike of 15lb 6oz and a Perch of 2lb 9oz. I also lost another Perch at the net around the same size. The Perch fishing can be fantastic from February through to May, with a chance of a fish of a lifetime.


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