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We took delivery of our latest stock for the Old Ballast Pit last week. We hand picked 16 C3 Mirrors ranging  from 5lb 8oz to 8lb 8oz, as you can see, there are some real stunners. We also received 5 C3 Commons ranging from 11lb to 13lb, these fish are really quick growers as they were harvested at the same time as the Mirrors. All these fish were tagged, weighed and photographed and then entered into our record books. We also received some clonking Perch to 3lb 8oz which were for the New Lagoon.


2 thoughts on “BALLAST PIT NEW STOCK

  1. Thanks to ted and austin for all the hard work for all the hard work that has been done on the new lagoon and to the committee for the latest stock of quality carp in barden this is important to the club’s further success

    1. Hi Vince,
      Thank you for the positive feedback, it’s always very much appreciated. Ted has been doing a fantastic job on the New Lagoon, iv’e done my bit as well as Larry and his son. We are not far off completion of major works on there now. I’m sure all this graft will pay off and the Lagoon will be a little gem of a water to add to our portfolio. All the Carp we have received, have been quality fish and the future does look very good indeed for our members.

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