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The last week saw Larry Howard, Olly Howard and Ted Bryan continuing with the landscaping  work on the railway side at the far end of the Lagoon. With the water levels expecting to rise with all the expected rain, we took the opportunity to build up the bank and level it off to a good height above the water level. The inlet pipe from the ditch in the back field was strengthened and tidied up as well. The bulk of the work was completed by Wednesday but then the rain stopped play and work should continue very soon. The new drainage at the car park end seems to be working very well although on inspection we noticed that the top board will need to have two inches taken off of it so that it will then give us the perfect maximum level.  The new willows we planted have taken well and there are even some new buds showing already.  We have some seating with tables on order and some more planting and seeding will be done as the weather warms up.


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