BALLAST PIT – The recent stocking has improved the pleasure fishing during the week with bags reported of mixed silvers. Lee Wakeman had a cracking day’s fishing on the pit today, bagging 8olb of Bream. Another angler had 3 Carp and a dozen plus Bream so things looking promising for next weeks Memorial match.

BARDEN LAKE – Carp fishing is still slow but a couple of fish out over the weekend.
Pike fishing has really picked up with several multiple catches reported. Jason Craven, Neal Rogers and Austin Battell had 14 takes, 9 fish, 3 doubles, the best being 19lb 6oz between them.


DSC_0740DSC_0737      DSC_0736DSC_0732DSC_0728

If you would like to see your catches posted on our website or in the Freshwater Informer, please email me your catch report etc to abattell@hotmail.co.uk


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