The last of the field side swims on the Old Ballast Pit are due to be completed in the next fortnight. the old metal work will be removed and the areas dug out to match the other swims. Barley straw is on order ready for the inevitable algae blooms in the warmer weather. The last of the ribbons have been removed from the New Lagoon and the Society has been advised on a recent visit by the Angling Trust that we have done everything possible to deter Cormorants. More grass seeding will be carried out on the New Lagoon area and the new picnic benches will be oiled ready for placement. More swims are in line to be completed on Barden Lake and the Council continue to make a great job of the revetment work to the damaged banks. The Swans have turned up in numbers on Barden, with up to 30 birds on there last week but with two pairs now nesting, the juveniles have started to disperse. If anybody has anything they wish to be reported, please contact myself or the club Secretary via the website contacts.


2 thoughts on “OTHER NEWS

  1. I’ve since heard the club is now going to charge carp anglers who fish days 150 for the pleasure come on what up with this club it’s going down hill big time your loosing so many anglers that you are targeting carp anglers I’ve given up now trying to get a night permit even though I’ve nown of people getting in quick looks like you’ve lost another 2 members here

    1. Hi Chris, I’m not sure where you are getting your information from but it’s far off of the truth. How would you even know that the club is going downhill and we are losing members. Our Membership is rising all the time and we are certainly not losing members. Are you no longer on the Night Ticket waiting list? I would like to know of the people that have ‘got in quick’ as you call it, so I can speak to our membership Secretary at tomorrow’s Committee meeting. Unfortunately there is a long waiting list for Night tickets due to it’s popularity which again shows we are not losing members. How long have you been on the waiting list for a night permit as the wait is around 3 seasons now and I appreciate it can be frustrating. I can assure you that the club is moving in a very positive and forward direction with lots of projects in motion at present. I wouldn’t let rumours deter you from being a club member. The introduction of the Carp Day Permit on Barden was voted in at this year’s A.G.M and all members were informed via newsletter of the Society’s proposals so that all members could have their say about the proposal. Unfortunately, unless members that have issues or concerns, attend the A.G.M or put their concerns in writing to the secretary, then these concerns/issues will not get dealt with.
      Out of interest, how many waters are there in the South of England that hold the large numbers of large Carp Barden does and can be fished on a Day Ticket? We have introduced the Day Permit to help protect the stock and police the water.

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