The Society held an Open Day on the recently created New Lagoon. It was well attended with a steady flow of visitors throughout the day. We had a barbecue which was managed by our very own Larry Howard, also on display was a six foot observatory fish tank which was kindly loaned to us by the Environment Agency. We had a Tombola, Catapult challenge, casting competition, simulated groundbait throwing contest, guess the weight and fish alphabet which all seemed very popular. Most of the visitors could not wait to fish and commented on what a lovely setting it was. I think everybody managed to catch fish which included Bream,Roach, Tench, Rudd, Carp and Perch. The weather was kind to us and everyone had a great day. We have already had people asking when the next one will be and the Society gained plenty of new members on the day, including juniors and a few families.

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