Jason Craven 2lb 12oz Roach Jason Craven 2lb 12oz Roach – New LagoonAustin Battell 3lb 4oz Perch - Weirwood Austin Battell 3lb 4oz Perch – Weirwood

Austin Battell 26lb Mixed silvers Austin Battell 26lb of Roach & RuddBen Groombridge Ben Groombridge – Tench – New LagoonFB_IMG_1533592849163 Neal Rogers – 2lb+ Perch – WeirwoodFB_IMG_1533592832561 Aaron McGinty – Tench – New Lagoon

FB_IMG_1533592803144 Jason Craven – 10lb+ Bream – Barden LakeFB_IMG_1533592497000 Roger Fermor – Carp – New LagoonFB_IMG_1533592429698 Lisa Bedford – Carp – New Lagoon

FB_IMG_1533592395539 Anita Ayling – Carp – New LagoonFB_IMG_1533592593032 Bogdan Pascaru – Perch – River MedwayFB_IMG_1533592628931 Bogdan Pascaru – Chub – River MedwayFB_IMG_1533592577059 Jamie Hawkins – Carp – Ballast PitFB_IMG_1533592571732 Jamie Hawkins – Carp – Ballast PitFB_IMG_1533592764222 One of our little stockies doing well FB_IMG_1500475226814 Some lovely stocked Rudd – New Lagoonfloating island diagram Two new floating islands – New Lagoon


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    1. Hi Jake, if you look on our membership page on the website, you will find details on how to join and a PDF file of application form to print out.
      Austin Battell (Chairman).

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