PIKE MATCH – HAYSDEN COUNTRY PARK – 27th January 2019 – 13 fished

The annual club Pike match seems to get more popular each year, as we had 13 competitors this year. There have been several big fish capture reports recently, so everyone was hoping for something a bit special.  Austin Battell got lucky and drew number 1 out of the hat and headed down wind into one of the bays. This proved a worthwhile choice as within an hour, Austin had got two fish for 10lb 9oz. Elsewhere, nothing was happening and the wind seemed to be getting stronger and colder. By eleven O’clock, Austin had managed another two fish of 6lb 2oz and 5lb 2oz to take his total weight to 21lb 13oz. Only one other fish was caught and that was the biggest fish of the day at 8lb 4oz, which was caught by Roger Trask on the river.
1st Place   – Austin Battell –  21lb 13oz
2nd Place – Roger Trask    –     8lb   4oz
Austin Battell 5lb 1oz 2019 Pike Match Austin Battell 5lb 4oz 2019 Pike Match Austin Battell 5lb 5oz 2019 Pike Match Austin Battell 6lb 2oz 2019 Pike Match


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