Ballast Pit

wp0_wpf0f9b902One of the oldest of the Society’s still waters and still bearing its original name was dug around 1842 to provide material for the Tonbridge to Redhill railway embankment, which runs alongside. This was the main London to Dover line for nearly 30 years before the tunnels each side of Sevenoaks were dug. This four acre lake was back in the 1880’s, shared between the Angling society and Tonbridge skating club, as it froze firm enough to skate on almost every year up to the early 1900’s.
wp0_wp7668d4ddThe Society finally managed to purchase the Pit outright in 2008. The “Pit” has an average depth of four feet, the bottom is generally silt and there is some weed and lilies which make the water look attractive. The water is popular with Carp anglers with a large number of doubles; twenties and a sprinkling of fish over 30lbs. It also has a good head of other fish, notably large Bream and Tench. 100 lb bags of Bream have been known.
4lb 6oz CRUCIAN - Ballast PitQuality Roach, Rudd, Perch and Pike are also regular visitors to the landing net, although the larger Tench and Bream tend to be caught on boiles due to the quantity going into the water. All methods will catch and sprayed maggots will bring a host of silver fish into the swim. Ground bait feeder can produce large nets of Bream. Pole fishing for silver fish and Bream can become explosive if a Carp or large Tench picks up the hook bait.

The Society has introduced  Crucian Carp in recent years and specimens to well over 4lb have been recorded and photographed.

This is a Senior members only water, Senior members may night fish this water. No bivvies to be used in the 3 disabled anglers platform swims and no bivvies to be used upto the red marker post on the field side of lake. Parking in Haysden country park car park (Car parking charges apply). The car park opening times are displayed at entrance.

3 rods are allowed from 1st October as long as you hold a valid 3rd rod permit