The Society held an Open Day on the recently created New Lagoon. It was well attended with a steady flow of visitors throughout the day. We had a barbecue which was managed by our very own Larry Howard, also on display was a six foot observatory fish tank which was kindly loaned to us by the Environment Agency. We had a Tombola, Catapult challenge, casting competition, simulated groundbait throwing contest, guess the weight and fish alphabet which all seemed very popular. Most of the visitors could not wait to fish and commented on what a lovely setting it was. I think everybody managed to catch fish which included Bream,Roach, Tench, Rudd, Carp and Perch. The weather was kind to us and everyone had a great day. We have already had people asking when the next one will be and the Society gained plenty of new members on the day, including juniors and a few families.

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A.G.M & Prizegiving 2017

Our A.G.M was well attended again this year, with nearly all of the regular match anglers present and a few of the specimen hunters. There was a fantastic buffet put on by Tony Hyland and his wife and plenty of raffle prizes to be won. Our usual impressive collection of Society trophies were was on display and our new range of Society clothing which was very popular on the night. A great evening was had by all, with plenty of friendly banter and a few drinks after official proceedings were concluded. Thank you to all that helped on the night and a special thanks to Gareth & Tamara Johns for the smooth running of the bar and great venue.

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The last of the field side swims on the Old Ballast Pit are due to be completed in the next fortnight. the old metal work will be removed and the areas dug out to match the other swims. Barley straw is on order ready for the inevitable algae blooms in the warmer weather. The last of the ribbons have been removed from the New Lagoon and the Society has been advised on a recent visit by the Angling Trust that we have done everything possible to deter Cormorants. More grass seeding will be carried out on the New Lagoon area and the new picnic benches will be oiled ready for placement. More swims are in line to be completed on Barden Lake and the Council continue to make a great job of the revetment work to the damaged banks. The Swans have turned up in numbers on Barden, with up to 30 birds on there last week but with two pairs now nesting, the juveniles have started to disperse. If anybody has anything they wish to be reported, please contact myself or the club Secretary via the website contacts.


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The New Lagoon
This new water has become very popular and good mixed bags are frequent. Lisa Bedford had lovely Bream just shy of 6lb along with other smaller samples and species. A few of the regular match guys had a day on there at the weekend and Tony Crossley had another great bag of fish including Tench, Bream, Rudd and Roach. Bob Doyle was catching some nice skimmers on the lead using maggots, Lee Wakeman had a small Barbel of around 2lb and other mixed species. Everyone caught plenty of fish, although the morning was a bit slow but things improved in the afternoon.

The Old Ballast Pit
It continues to fish well with the lake being very busy over the last few weeks. Lots of Carp to 20lb+ being caught with the best being 32lb. Some cracking bags of good sized Bream and several nice Tench to just over 7lb making an appearance.
Richard Briggs had a nice mid-week session on one of the short stay swims, catching a nice 25lb mixed bag of fish which included a surprise 3lb Chub.

Barden Lake
Things have really picked up in the last few weeks with several of the big Carp making an appearance. Bailiff Co-ordinator and specimen hunter Ted Bryan had a great trip last week, starting off with a magnificent Bream of 13lb 12oz, followed by specimens of 12lb 12oz and 12lb 8oz. Ted then followed these up with a cracking 47lb Carp. Well done Ted.

The predator fishing continues on here until the end of this month and Pike fishing has vastly improved from last winter with several upper twenties coming out and lots of good doubles. The Perch fishing has not really got going yet but on a recent trip, I went out with two friends, one, new to this type of fishing doing really well, catching fish of 2lb and 2lb 3oz and I had one of 1lb 13oz. The next few weeks should start throwing up some big burglars. Watch this space.


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The New Lagoon has been open for a week now and there have been anglers on there almost every day. Tony Crossley had a great day in the week, catching an estimated mixed bag of around 150lb. Keith Whitlock and Peter Meakins also had big mixed bags with lots of Roach 10oz and over. Anita Ayling and Lisa Bedford enjoyed a lovely sunny day’s fishing, catching several species, including large Tench & Bream, Roach, Rudd and a decent sized Eel. Some cracking pictures taken by the girls too.  A few Barbel have been showing to nearly 3lb and Carp to 9lb also showing, especially when the feed starts going in. Maggot seems to be best to avoid the Carp early on, with  Corn and bread finding decent sized other species. Aaron Mcginty, who is fairly new to the sport, really enjoyed what the New Lagoon had to offer on his first visit, catching several stunning Carp, some Bream and Tench and a total of 26 fish. Aaron also had his PB Carp. Well done Aaron and some lovely photo’s.

Remember to call Norman on 07400217140, to pre-book for a session on the New Lagoon.


Yesterday, Ted Bryan caught one of the specimen Tench from Barden Lake. After a fantastic fight, Ted slipped the net under a super 9lb 2oz fish which stands to take this season’s Tench Cup.
Just to remind members that all specimen claims run until the end of this month.

Ian Seamer and Keith the ‘Beard’ had a cracking day on the Old Ballast Pit today, catching lots of Bream, a nice Tench and a Pike. The Bream and Tench total weighed an impressive 92lb 8oz.

Whilst I was putting the new sign in tonight, one of our new members was enjoying some good sport on the Ballst Pit, catching two of our new stockies and a decent Bream.

If you have any catch reports that you want posted, please email me on the club address and I shall ensure you get a mention.