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Barden Pike Fishing (12/6/2018) - The Pike fishing has begun to pick up of late on Barden Lake, with some good upper double figure fish being reported. Lure anglers have done well recently as the water has stayed clear and the weed has now died back which makes it easier to fish with sinking or floating lures. Lots of Jacks have … Continue reading Barden Pike Fishing
RECENT CATCHES (8/6/2018) -  Jason Craven 2lb 12oz Roach – New Lagoon Austin Battell 3lb 4oz Perch – Weirwood  Austin Battell 26lb of Roach & Rudd Ben Groombridge – Tench – New Lagoon Neal Rogers – 2lb+ Perch – Weirwood Aaron McGinty – Tench – New Lagoon  Jason Craven – 10lb+ Bream – Barden Lake Roger Fermor – Carp – New Lagoon Lisa Bedford – … Continue reading RECENT CATCHES
PICTURE OF THE MONTH – JULY (8/6/2018) - July’s picture of the month award goes to Jason Craven for this shot of his 32lb+ Carp from Weirwood Resevoir.
PICTURE OF THE MONTH – JUNE (8/6/2018) - Picture of the month award for June goes to Lee Wakeman with this shot of his match winning bag of Bream from the New Cut.
OPEN DAY- NEW LAGOON – SATURDAY 18th AUGUST from 10.00am (7/30/2018) - The Society will be holding an Open Day on the New Lagoon on Saturday 18th August from 10.00am – everyone is welcome with fishing tuition provided, equipment also provided and a barbecue with soft drinks available on the day. Membership applications can also be taken on the day. Come along as a family and enjoy … Continue reading OPEN DAY- NEW LAGOON – SATURDAY 18th AUGUST from 10.00am
TO ALL MEMBERS (1/17/2018) - Any member that wishes to put a catch report/pictures in to me by Sunday evening, I shall add it to our monthly write up in the Freshwater Informer. Some details of catch would be helpful and you can contact me via our Facebook page. Regards, Austin.
WORK PARTY – SUNDAY 14th JANUARY – OLD BALLAST PIT (1/9/2018) - All members please note that the Old Ballast Pit will be closed this Sunday, 14th January as there is a work party booked and tree work will be carried out. Any overnighters must be away from the lake by 8.ooam Sunday morning.
WEEDCUTTING DATES – BARDEN & BALLAST PIT (1/9/2018) - We have booked  Weedcutting Services for two days on Barden Lake to clear and remove the dead weed in both bays. This will happen on Tuesday 23rd and Wednesday 24th January. Please be aware that both bays will be closed for fishing on both days and nights. Any members wishing to help out in barrowing the … Continue reading WEEDCUTTING DATES – BARDEN & BALLAST PIT
REMINDER TO ALL MEMBERS (1/9/2018) - Please note, all members must carry their photo i.d card and their membership card at all times whilst fishing any of our Society waters. If you do not have both in your possession at the time of being asked by a club bailiff, then you will be asked to leave the water.
APOLOGIES FOR DELAY IN UPDATING WEBSITE (1/4/2018) - We would just like to apologise for the delay in updating the website. We are currently inputting all the latest information on Match results, Match Championship Standings and Houghton Cup Standings. We are currently up to 1st October for standings and the rest of the info will be up to date by 8th January with all … Continue reading APOLOGIES FOR DELAY IN UPDATING WEBSITE
BARDEN LAKE PRODUCES IT’S 1st 50lb CARP (6/11/2017) - The Society are pleased to announce that Barden Lake has produced it’s first 50lb Carp which is known to the regulars as “The Classic”. This fish was caught by Shaun Hutchinson and was backed up by another 2 forties and all coming in an 8 hour spell. Well done Shaun and may it be the … Continue reading BARDEN LAKE PRODUCES IT’S 1st 50lb CARP
OPEN DAY – SATURDAY 3rd JUNE (6/11/2017) - The Society held an Open Day on the recently created New Lagoon. It was well attended with a steady flow of visitors throughout the day. We had a barbecue which was managed by our very own Larry Howard, also on display was a six foot observatory fish tank which was kindly loaned to us by the … Continue reading OPEN DAY – SATURDAY 3rd JUNE
SOCIETY CLOTHING (6/11/2017) - We have introduced some quality embroidered clothing to our Society recently and it has been very popular, especially the caps, T-shirts, Polo shirts, coats and Hoodies. Anyone interested in purchasing any of the pictured items, please call Austin on 07974488040.
A.G.M & Prizegiving 2017 (6/11/2017) - Our A.G.M was well attended again this year, with nearly all of the regular match anglers present and a few of the specimen hunters. There was a fantastic buffet put on by Tony Hyland and his wife and plenty of raffle prizes to be won. Our usual impressive collection of Society trophies were was on display … Continue reading A.G.M & Prizegiving 2017
OTHER NEWS (4/25/2017) - The last of the field side swims on the Old Ballast Pit are due to be completed in the next fortnight. the old metal work will be removed and the areas dug out to match the other swims. Barley straw is on order ready for the inevitable algae blooms in the warmer weather. The last … Continue reading OTHER NEWS
CATCH REPORT (4/25/2017) -   The New Lagoon This new water has become very popular and good mixed bags are frequent. Lisa Bedford had lovely Bream just shy of 6lb along with other smaller samples and species. A few of the regular match guys had a day on there at the weekend and Tony Crossley had another great bag … Continue reading CATCH REPORT
NEWS UPDATE (4/25/2017) - Just to let members know that the Newsletter has just gone to press as has the club rule book with amendments and both items will be posted on return from the printers.
NEW LAGOON (4/9/2017) - The New Lagoon has been open for a week now and there have been anglers on there almost every day. Tony Crossley had a great day in the week, catching an estimated mixed bag of around 150lb. Keith Whitlock and Peter Meakins also had big mixed bags with lots of Roach 10oz and over. Anita Ayling … Continue reading NEW LAGOON
CATCH REPORT – BARDEN LAKE (4/9/2017) - Since the weather has warmed up in the last week, the Carp in Barden have woken up, with plenty of twenties, a couple of thirties and two forty pounders coming out. A few decent Tench have also been caught and the odd big Bream showing too.
CATCH REPORT (3/27/2017) - Yesterday, Ted Bryan caught one of the specimen Tench from Barden Lake. After a fantastic fight, Ted slipped the net under a super 9lb 2oz fish which stands to take this season’s Tench Cup. Just to remind members that all specimen claims run until the end of this month. Ian Seamer and Keith the ‘Beard’ … Continue reading CATCH REPORT
NEW LAGOON – Update on works (3/27/2017) - Today, Ted and Larry continued with the levelling and grading of the seating area at the Lagoon, the weather stayed fine and a good day’s graft was put in to achieve a lovely finish and the area was then seeded. Hopefully with a bit of rain that’s forecast, the seed should soon germinate and start … Continue reading NEW LAGOON – Update on works
NEW LAGOON BOOKINGS for 1st April onwards (3/22/2017) - We have a few spaces left for Saturday 1st & Sunday 2nd April for the fishing on the NEW LAGOON. Please contact Austin on 07974488040 asap if you wish to fish either of these two days. Any days after this will still need to be booked but will be on a new number which will … Continue reading NEW LAGOON BOOKINGS for 1st April onwards
END OF SEASON SPECIAL – for NEW MEMBERS (3/22/2017) - For anybody interested in joining the Society, we are doing a special deal where if you join now, it will cost you £30 until May the 31st and then all you pay for next season is your yearly subscription, saving you the joining fee. That’s 10 weeks fishing at £3 per week and the chance … Continue reading END OF SEASON SPECIAL – for NEW MEMBERS
COMMITTEE taster day on the NEW LAGOON (3/22/2017) - Martyn Hill had the biggest and nicest looking fish of the day at 8lb 5oz 8 Committee members/helpers had a trial fish on the New Lagoon on Sunday 19th March to gauge the growth rates and quality of the stocked fish ready for the official 1st day of opening on Satrurday 1st April. The weather … Continue reading COMMITTEE taster day on the NEW LAGOON
PAIRS MATCH – HARTLAKE DOWN – 12th March – (23 fished) (3/22/2017) - This was another well turned out event, being the last official match of the river season. It was probably the best also as there were multiple decent weights and everybody wighed in. The winners with a combined weight of 13lb 4oz were Stuart Cottingham & Trevor Oldfield, in 2nd place were Ditch Howard & Pat … Continue reading PAIRS MATCH – HARTLAKE DOWN – 12th March – (23 fished)
KEN MARSHALL MEMORIAL – OLD BALLAST PIT – 5th March – (23 fished) (3/22/2017) - This was a very good turnout and was no surprise as Ken was a popular chap amongst the match boys. Fishing was very good for 5 anglers but very poor for the other 18. 1st place with a very respectable 57lb 5oz was Stuart (Snowy) White which mainly consisted of Bream, 2nd place went to Martin (Carp … Continue reading KEN MARSHALL MEMORIAL – OLD BALLAST PIT – 5th March – (23 fished)
HOUGHTON CUP 6 – SWANMEAD – 5th Feb – (10 fished) (3/22/2017) - This was the last of the Houghton Cup series and the river was not in good condition on the day, hence the low turn out. Tony Crossley had already sewn up the title as nobody could catch him on points but the faithful few braved it and scratched around for a few bites. 1st place … Continue reading HOUGHTON CUP 6 – SWANMEAD – 5th Feb – (10 fished)
WEEKLY CATCH REPORT (2/26/2017) - BALLAST PIT – The recent stocking has improved the pleasure fishing during the week with bags reported of mixed silvers. Lee Wakeman had a cracking day’s fishing on the pit today, bagging 8olb of Bream. Another angler had 3 Carp and a dozen plus Bream so things looking promising for next weeks Memorial match. BARDEN LAKE – … Continue reading WEEKLY CATCH REPORT
NEW LAGOON SEEDING (2/26/2017) - All members please note that Larry and Ted will be seeding the New Lagoon area this week, so please refrain from entering the area until further notice to allow the seed to take and not damage the ground. Signs will be put up and the area will be taped off clearly.
KEN MARSHALL MEMORIAL MATCH – Sunday 5th March – Ballast Pit (2/26/2017) - To all members, Our Membership Secretary, Martin Hill is organising a charity match in memory of our former Secretary who sadly passed away recently. Ken Marshall was a keen match angler and very well liked amongst the club match anglers. This match will be at the Old Ballast Pit on Sunday 5th March, meeting at 7.30am … Continue reading KEN MARSHALL MEMORIAL MATCH – Sunday 5th March – Ballast Pit
BARDEN LAKE catch reports (2/22/2017) - One of the recently introduced Redmire Commons has already been caught and hopefully this will prove to be a hungry fast growing fish. The Pike fishing has been exceptional in the last 10 days with several multiple catches with individual fish to 18lb. I decided to have a go on Sunday morning and was rewarded … Continue reading BARDEN LAKE catch reports
NEW LAGOON UPDATE (2/22/2017) - Ted Bryan has been grafting away getting the swims near completion on the Lagoon. We just need to finish them off with some nice woodchip in the next couple of weeks. Ted and Larry will be seeding the banks around the New Lagoon this week, so would all members refrain from walking around this area … Continue reading NEW LAGOON UPDATE
LATEST BALLAST PIT STOCKING – Small Silvers and Big Tench (2/22/2017) - Once again the Society are pleased to announce that we took delivery of over 300lb of small silvers for the Ballast Pit recently. These were mainly Bream of 4-6″ and 6-8″ and other silvers of the same size. We know a few will be predated naturally but we are also sure it will bump up … Continue reading LATEST BALLAST PIT STOCKING – Small Silvers and Big Tench
LATEST BARDEN STOCKING (2/22/2017) - THe Society are pleased to announce that we recently took delivery of 4 quality big Carp from COARSEFISH UK for Barden Lake. There were 3 Redmire  Commons of 19lb, 18lb 12oz and 18lb 8oz and a Mirror of 25lb. These fish were all photographed, chipped and recorded before introduction into the lake and the Society would like to … Continue reading LATEST BARDEN STOCKING
NOTICE (2/22/2017) - The Society recently received the sad news that two of our long serving Committee members had passed away. Bill Mitchell who had served on Committee for several years and was a keen match angler and Ken Marshall who until very recently had been serving as Society Secretary and was also a part of our club … Continue reading NOTICE
BALLAST PIT NEW STOCK (2/5/2017) - We took delivery of our latest stock for the Old Ballast Pit last week. We hand picked 16 C3 Mirrors ranging  from 5lb 8oz to 8lb 8oz, as you can see, there are some real stunners. We also received 5 C3 Commons ranging from 11lb to 13lb, these fish are really quick growers as they were … Continue reading BALLAST PIT NEW STOCK
NEW LAGOON UPDATE (2/5/2017) - The last week saw Larry Howard, Olly Howard and Ted Bryan continuing with the landscaping  work on the railway side at the far end of the Lagoon. With the water levels expecting to rise with all the expected rain, we took the opportunity to build up the bank and level it off to a good … Continue reading NEW LAGOON UPDATE
WINTER ROVER – VEXOR BRIDGE – 29th January – (8 fished) (2/5/2017) - With the conditions changing from cold and dry to mild and wet, the river was expected to fish better but Vexor Bridge is not usually known for big match weights, which is possibly why only 8 members turned out for this one. It was mainly Chub that showed and they were of a good size … Continue reading WINTER ROVER – VEXOR BRIDGE – 29th January – (8 fished)
HOUGHTON CUP 5 – Muckstream – 22nd January – 17 fished (2/5/2017) - A good turnout considering the conditions we have had recently. All fish caught were in the swims on the upper Muckstream which was due to several Cormorants working the mouth of the Muckstream and up to the little road bridge. Nobody caught on the main river and Sid Lancly took top honours with a mixed … Continue reading HOUGHTON CUP 5 – Muckstream – 22nd January – 17 fished
NOTICE: Opening day’s fishing on NEW LAGOON. (1/15/2017) - After looking into the practicality and logistics of arranging  the fishing for Saturday the 1st and Sunday the 2nd of April on the New Lagoon, it has been decided that the easiest way is for all members interested in fishing either of these days, to contact Austin either on 07974488040 or at and he will … Continue reading NOTICE: Opening day’s fishing on NEW LAGOON.