River Eden – Vexor Bridge

wp735766fe_06The Eden is a small but steadily flowing river which, by the time it reaches our stretch at Vexor, has covered about 18 miles from its source on the North Downs near Titsey. Just before it passes under the bridge at Edenbridge its 3 main tributaries have joined to make it look like a proper river. A further 9 miles the Eden joins the Medway at Penshurst. The Club’s stretch starts at the Vexor Bridge on the north downstream bank.
wp675744df_05_06The banks are generally steep but there are lower ledges to fish from, developed through usage by anglers or cows.The river is about 3 feet deep in its centre, rarely more, frequently less. There are wide bends every 50 to 100 yards and the stretches in between vary from 5 to 6 yards wide, some fairly clear of weed growth, others continuous stretches of lily pads. There is even a run of ‘rapids’ with a stony bottom, all of which makes for interesting fishing and all occurring within 5 minutes stroll of the bridge.
The overhanging trees and lily pads do not make casting easy or landing a catch wp0c77f76c_06straightforward and what looks to be the ‘best spot’ is not readily accessible. The river contains chub, roach, bream, perch, pike gudgeon and bleak. The chub (which can be over three pounds) and roach are the main quarry on this water. A stick float can normally be worked down the deeper sections, all baits will catch. Sweet corn will sort out the better fish, or meat, if chub are the target, avoiding the bleak which in summer can be a problem with small baits. A roving approach is best if the target fish is not found within half an hour, it is wise to move swims. This is an ideal venue for a relaxing time in the English countryside and you do catch fish.


Park on the roadside either side of the bridge. Do not obstruct entrance to Vexour. Parking is allowed in the field close to the bridge but not recommended as the ground can be soft and the resident cows may damage car paintwork.

This is a members only water