River Medway – Cannon Bridge

River Medway is subject to a closed season from 14 March until 16 June each year

Cannon bridgeThis stretch of the Medway is wider than the river above the town normally with a slow flow and an average depth of six feet. This stretch fishes well from the start of the season, with Roach and Bream being the main target species; the gravel areas tend to produce the better caches of Roach, Chub and Dace.  The Bream often show, along with a few Roach in the mud areas.

cannon bridgeAlthough hemp and caster works well here, the top bait (for quality fish) is sweetcorn. Large Perch and good Chub in excess of 4lb are also present together with the occasional Pike and a few double figure Carp. The large Bream shoal normally located at the mouth of the muck stream can give excellent sport, 115lb the best recorded weight to date. Exceptionally large nets of Roach are recorded when the river level drops in the winter. The fish tend to shoal up in the upper section immediately above and below Cannon Bridge.
Botany Stream (Muck Stream) is a narrow, shallow backwater which produces plenty of small Roach and occasionally larger Perch, Chub and Bream.

CANNON BRIDGE - Tom Sawyer - 4lb 9oz Chub  Tony Crossley 5lb 2oz Chub January 2019

Tom Sawyer with a 4lb+ Chub


This is members only water
The section of the Medway from town lock to the first stile down stream of Cannon Bridge is available for day tickets
Day tickets obtainable on the bank from bailiffs.
Parking is in the Swanmead Sports Ground car park and the designated anglers car park in Postern Lane, do not park in the passing places in Postern Lane.
The bank between Cannon Bridge and the Town Lock is high and should be fished with care.

Cannon Bridge