River Medway – Hartlake

Hartlake fishingThis fairly wide section of the river up and down stream of the Hartlake Bridge has 180 permanent pegs with many features, overhanging trees, reed fringes and lock cuts and a wide variety of species. The depth varies from 4ft across gravel to 12ft deep holes, and is occasionally used as a venue for open and league matches where Roach, Bream and Chub in excess of 1lb, 5lb and 4lb respectively make up most winning nets.

hartlakeThere are plenty of smaller fish; Bleak, Gudgeon and Perch with a good head of Pike. There have been Carp in this section of river for over 100 years. The large fish above Porters Lock don’t seem to get caught and have seldom seen a boilie, the even bigger Carp above East Lock don’t get targeted. Could it be they are too much of a challenge to Carp specialists or is it the long walk that protects these fish despite a report of a 40lb Common and a 42lb Mirror being caught?
Neal 22lb 2oz pike    FB_IMG_1541965455401

RIVER MEDWAY - Adam Honeysett - 14lb 1oz Barbel

Adam Honeysett with a cracking 14lb 1oz Barbel



(This section of the Medway is available for Club or match bookings)
Parking is available beside the road either side of Hartlake Bridge.
Do not obstruct the field entrances or the highway.

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